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Initial Consultation/Adjustment (up to 60 minutes)       Standard Consultation/Adjustment (15 minutes)          Extended Consultation(30 minutes)**                                  

Concession Initial Consultation/Adjustment        

Concession Standard Consultation/Adjustment  

Concession Extended Consultation**                    





















Initial Consultation (up to 60 minutes)      

Standard Consultation (30 minutes)                            

Extended Consultation (up to 45 minutes)**   


Concession Initial Consultation      

Concession Standard Consultation

Concession Extended Consultation






*To qualify for Concession rates you must be under 18, on a government pension or hold a valid health care card. 


**If you would like more time with the practitioner, have multiple areas that need treatment or require Dry Needling as part of your treatment please book or request an extended consultation so that we can give you the time that you need. 











Fees Schedule
 (as of 1st March 2023)

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